Ski Paradise Waterski Vacation

Water Ski Resort and Vacation

Learn to water ski better, enjoy the sport of slalom more and do it all in five star accommodations.

Kristin, writer – Waterski Magazine

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Welcome To Ski Paradise, your all inclusive Water Ski Vacation.

Since the launch of our first waterski season in 1989, we have been proud hosts to many skiers and non-skiers at Ski Paradise in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico. Our team of accomplished teaching professionals has created an impeccable, comprehensive environment that offers novice and intermediate skiers first hand experience with the finer points of water skiing. We have helped many national and world champions fine tune their talents and further their training knowledge by offering diverse coaching styles over the years. Proudly, we have created an environment that inspires new skiers to challenge themselves and become more knowledgeable, and thus enjoying the sport even more than they ever thought.

An All Inclusive Water Ski Resort and Vacation
Overlooking Acapulco Bay, within exclusive residential Las Brisas, we invite you to reside at our charming villa which seamlessly combines the old-world appeal of a Mediterranean estate with the modern amenities. During your weekly stay, enjoy stunning sunsets, experience irresistible dining, focus on your well-being with massage and fitness, relax in the sun-drenched climate, while surrounded by a wonderland of flora and fauna. Endless options offer something for everyone – the active enthusiast, the spirited adventurer, the culinary connoisseur and the style seeker. The result: A destination unparalleled and lauded by Waterski Magazine as the "World's Best Waterski Vacation".

Along with the creation of new enthusiastic skiers, we’ve been able to form lifelong friendships between our guests bound by their unique, unforgettable experience in Ski Paradise.

Thank you for considering Ski Paradise for your next luxury Waterski and Sports vacation. We operate from November to mid-May.

For more information about planning your reservation, availability and rates, please contact Gloria Griffin by telephone: 407-754-4111, or by email:

We look forward to your visit with us!

Gordon and Gabriela Rathbun