Travel and Safety

Travel and Safety

13 years later we made our return. Ski Paradise is even better than we remember!

Mike and Candace, Andrea and Michael Jemiolo
  • Overview of the La Brisas neighborhood where the Villa is located
  • Ski Paradise ski site in Acapulco
  • Acapulco Bay
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Immigration Form

When you deplane in Mexico you will need to go through Immigration and hand them the Immigration Form that you filled out on the airplane.

Here is an example of the Immigration Form for mobile (jpg).

Here is an example of the Immigration Form for desktop (pdf).

This form needs to be filled out prior to entering Mexico. The Immigration Form will be given to you by the flight attendant and is a card. The bottom portion will be given back to you and must be returned to Immigrations when you are leaving the country. Don’t lose it or you will be charged a fee and detained.

Airport gates and a few words on safety

If you need to travel through the Mexico City Airport (MEX) on the way to Acapulco, it is easy as long as you have some directions or help from us to make the transfer to your gate and plane simple.

Here is what you need to know: MEX has two terminals, T1 and T2. T1 is the old terminal and it has the Hilton Hotel and Camino Real Hotel either in the airport or attached to it. T2 is the new Aeromexico Terminal that Delta also uses along with Aeromar.

You then go to pick up your baggage and re-check it. Often skis, because they are longer, need to go upstairs to the counter of Aeromexico or Aeromar and be rechecked there.

You will then have to go back through security to your gate. Often the gates to Acapulco are gate 75 and others in the 70's. Often the gates are not announced until about 30 minutes before the flight. In the past, Aeromexico has been using smaller 45 seat planes on the flight from MEX to ACA, but I hear that is changing to larger planes. The small planes all use gate 75 and they bus you to your plane. It sounds like this might be changing when the contract with the smaller planes is up.

If you need to transfer from Terminal 1 to T2 you can do so by Sky Train or by bus. You can catch the Sky Train between Puerta 5 and Puerta 6 in Terminal 1. Go there and you will see the upstairs escalator to the Sky Train. It is free. After picking up your baggage (if you are changing from T1 to T2 it's a good idea to use the the baggage handlers with their two wheeled hand trucks to help you find the Sky Train. If you want to go by bus, then that is on the main floor outside and those bus stops are marked.

Please have our villa phone number handy if you miss a flight or are delayed: 744 446 7223 or 7393. The country code is 52. Our houseboy will be at the gate to greet you when you arrive. ACA is a small airport and the parking is just outside across the street. Sometimes it is necessary to take airport transportation and this booth is on your left as you exit the baggage area. The prices are displayed so you can't get cheated. Gloria will have sent you the directions and phone number and address once you have paid your deposit.

Villa Dos Marías location

Our new Villa Dos Marías is located in the gated community of the famous Las Brisas. We are also in the Acapulco Diamante area, which is one of the best in Acapulco. Our guests feel totally comfortable and safe.

Below is an article that refers to safety concerns traveling in Mexico. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
Gordon and Gabriela Rathbun

Mexico Safety – Vacations at the Mexico and Majestic Mansions

My name is Steve, and I have owned rental homes in Mexico for more than 25 years. I have been a Mexican resident for many years, and continue to feel totally safe living in Acapulco, regardless of what the US press has to say about my Paradise on the Pacific.

Mexico has been blasted by the US press since the economic collapse in 2008. First it was the Swine Flu reports that scared off hundreds of thousands of US tourists. When the truth came out, it turned out to be so overblown that it was almost comical, had it not ruined thousands of businesses and many more lives of the people that depend on tourism to survive.

Next came the war on drugs, with the US press putting the fear of God into the minds of American travelers wanting to visit Mexico. For years, Mexico has been the number one tourist destination for Americans traveling out of the country. Many of us expats living in Mexico agree that the American government is deliberately trying to keep American tourism dollars at home in the US by sensationalizing the crime problems in Mexico. The drug related violence that happens in Mexico has been almost exclusively directed at rival gangs. Tourists are NOT the targets of these criminals.

Today I spoke with Mr. Alex Richards, US Consular Agent in Acapulco. Mr. Richards is an American who resides in Acapulco with his wife and two teenage children. I asked him a direct question: "As a US government official in charge of reporting any crime against Americans in this city, IN THE PAST 5 YEARS, HAVE YOU SEEN EVIDENCE OF ANY VIOLENT CRIME PERPETRATED AGAINST AN AMERICAN TOURIST IN ACAPULCO?" HIS ANSWER WAS "NO." I have known Alex for 13 years and he would most certainly not place his family in harm's way by living here if he thought it was not safe to do so. The telephone number of the US Consular Office in Acapulco is (52)744.4310094.

Consumer Affairs reporter Darryl Nelson recently interviewed well-known travel expert Peter Greenburg, asking him a frequent travel question these days: "Is it safe to travel to Mexico?" Greenburg's answer was, "Unequivocally, yes."

Lonely Planet's U.S. Travel Editor Robert Reid gets asked frequently if it's safe to travel to Mexico, and his answer has always been, "If you’re thoughtful about where you go, the answer is yes." Reid says that perhaps a better question is, "Do you think it’s safe to go to Texas?"

Acapulco is home to many wealthy business owners and international celebrities who would certainly not risk their lives if it was as dangerous as the US news media is trying to get you to believe.

As long as you don't go looking for trouble with drugs or traveling to bad neighborhoods, you will be fine in Mexico. Please don't miss out on Acapulco's "best year round weather in the world" or miss other fine destinations in Mexico.