You will not find a nicer and more unpretentious guy than Jay Poscente. The 59-year-old passionate water skier from Alberta, Canada, comes from an automotive racing background, and has spent his life competing, setting up cars and superbikes, and optimizing the performance of his equipment.

Jay didn’t get hooked on water skiing until he was 50, but I’d say he’s progressed extremely well being that he can ski into 38 off on a good day. He brought his inquiring mind and analytical background to the sport of water skiing, and he’s now done a great service to skiers the world over who are forever guessing where that fin should go. His book, Fin Whispering: Demystifying the Black Art of Water Ski Tuning, has quickly become a sacred text for serious skiers.

Let me make a statement about fins. There is soooooo much pressure on the fin of a water ski that the slightest adjustment can make the ski behave differently. Jay can feel adjustments of .003 of an inch and so can many other technical skiers. The last adjustment he did to my ski was .005 and it really made a difference in how the ski finished.

In his 200 page book, Jay doesn’t even get into fin adjustments until page 133. There is so much to educate the reader on first, it simply takes time to describe how a caliper works or for that matter how a ski works. The book is very well written and makes so much sense once you start reading it. Jay spent 4 years writing this book, and he told us the last two were intense. I can’t imagine any other person I know having the tenacity to do what it took to write this book. It’s a good thing Jay has a lake in his front yard and has a wife that was understanding and could drive a boat.

I didn’t realize it but Jay had been to Ski Paradise 8 years ago as a guest. It was a week hosted by the late Andy Mapple. Gabriela and I had to go to the U.S. for something and we returned just in time to meet Jay but not get to know him. So, his recent week with us was great. Jay is a super guy. He told me how in writing the book he needed to test and re-test and then test some more. The last thing he wanted was to upset any of the sports top skiers by having bad or untested information in the book. He was extremely concerned about this. If I was asked to describe the book in one word, it would be: ‘thorough’.

If I was asked to sum up the week in a few words it would be: ski, adjust, ski, adjust, ski, adjust.  Take a break, eat, watch video, reset your own fin, ski, test. etc. etc. Jay and I both agree that taking a down and back pass and then adjusting all in the same set is the most beneficial way to experience the changes.