Recently I was in California and during my trip back to Acapulco, I took some time off from skiing. It was only about eight or nine days, but that’s all it took for the callouses on my hands to get soft. I skied at Coconut Lagoon in Acapulco when I got home, and my soft callouses combined with our warm water caused me to get a blister and pull off a callous. It was as good as it was terrible: terrible because it was excruciating, but good because it put me in the same position many of our ski Paradise guests experience.

Because this is fresh on my mind, I have some tips that Ski Paradise guests should consider so their visit here isn’t ruined by hurting hands.

  1. Arrive with good callouses if you can. If possible, ski regularly leading up to your trip. Depending on your weather, that may not be an option.
  2. Don’t over-ski your first three days here. Give your hands some time to get in shape.
  3. Tape your hands before your very first set here — don’t wait until your hands are starting to hurt. I always have extra tape on hand for my guests.
  4. Make sure you wear gloves that fit perfectly. When your gloves bunch up in the palm area, you’re asking for trouble. When you buy new gloves, take into consideration that they’re going to stretch to some degree, so it might be wise to buy a size smaller that you would normally think.   

Here’s another option: wear The Natural Grip protectors that I keep in stock here. I have a display case with 30 different units in various sizes. I recommend that you check them out on your first evening at Ski Paradise. These hand protectors are GREAT because they are effective AND they save a bunch of time taping. Using tape all the time gives many people a rash from the adhesive, as a small amount is absorbed through the skin.  

The Natural Grip is made of Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape that provides excellent tensile strength and superior comfort. They last up to six months depending on how often you use them. Learn how to break in, use, and care for your grips by clicking HERE.