The wakes can be a huge obstacle if you’re not in the right position. Follow these four tips to cross the wakes with more confidence.

  • As you complete your turn, try to remain in a tall, stacked position. Emphasize maintaining a proud chest while keeping your back straight with your hips positioned directly over your bindings.
  • As you get closer to the first wake, maintaining a solid cross course position should be priority one. If you lower your center of gravity at this point to brace for the wakes, the chances are high that you will lose some handle separation from your hips, resulting in a less stable position.
  • When you hit the first wake, remember to soften your knees without letting your arms away from your side. Think soft knees but a strong upper body.
  • The pull will be the greatest as you exit the second wake. It is critical at this point to hold the handle close to your body and keep your chest upright to avoid going out the front. Good luck!