Most of our guests escape to Mexico for a week of great skiing, great food, and gorgeous views. But that’s not all there is to it.

Today, some guests will be surfing, a change of pace but still well within the scope of a water sports lover’s passions. Yesterday afternoon we took a dip at Tres Vidas country club, and enjoyed seaside margaritas and guacamole.

working vacation

We often have a guest or two that brings some work with them to Acapulco, and they discover that the pristine solitude of our pool deck from early morning until late afternoon is a perfect place to power through projects.

How often do you find a quiet oasis–a distraction-free zone–where you can accomplish your work goals while soaking up the sun? And…the wifi at Villa Aquina is great. You won’t have any trouble accessing your cloud-based files or sending and receiving emails. Welcome to your new office! working vacation

Guests typically go to the lagoon to ski every day, but if you stay behind to work a day or two, our villa staff will take great care of you. Enjoy a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado for lunch. Freshly-brewed coffee when you want it.

The palapa at Coconut Lagoon is also work-friendly. Between sets, you can log on to your laptop if you need to.

Don’t get the wrong idea–we’re not here to push work on you! In an ideal world, you won’t even need to bring your laptop. But if circumstances are such that you absolutely cannot avoid work while you’re in Acapulco, you will find that there’s no better place to get it done.