The Finest Water Ski Resort

The Finest Water Ski Resort

Water skiing in this environment is very addicting!

Al Sikora, Waterford, WI
  • Welcome to the first water ski resort of its kind, Ski Paradise
  • The palapa at Ski Paradise
  • The view from the palapa
  • View of the palapa from the water
  • Lunch at the palapa
  • Skier up on the new Mastercraft ProStar
  • Our March 2016 Ski Paradise Group
  • The ladies at Tres Vidas in 2020

The Water Ski Vacation of a life time.

As the editor of this web site, I felt compelled to share my Ski Paradise experience with you. Make one trip down here and you will always want to come back.

I have been a recreational slalom skier most of my adult life. Consequently I have been aware of Ski Paradise water ski vacations for years, purchased their calendars and saved all the photos. But for one reason or another, I never made the trip down here. It finally became a bucket list item and my first visit was in April of 2015. I've never waterskied competitively, but do aspire to get the hang of the slalom course.

The Ski Paradise Water Ski Resort is a revolving door of some of the most elite slalom skiers in the world as your coach. Selecting your week might be based on a coach preference, as the Coaching Schedule is posted. Or, it might be based on what week life will allow you to go, as it was for me. Once you sign-up, you typically get good instructions and suggestions from Gloria, our reservationist.

You will be bringing your water ski, gloves, ski vest and favorite handle if you have one. Having a good travel case for your ski is a must. Luggage gets tossed around quite a bit as you typically will be connecting in Mexico City or Houston before arriving in Acapulco.

A good percentage of the skiers that visit Ski Paradise come from colder climates as do I. It's a great feeling getting off the plane in Acapulco and walking into that 85 degree air. And once you get through customs, which is not a big deal, you are greeted by Ski Paradise staff. That's when it truly sinks in that you are on a 5 Star water ski vacation. They will run you by the store so you can pick up libations and anything else you might like or realize you forgot. Then up into the mountains you go.

The Villa is absolutely stunning ! This resort is 5 Star everything. Visit The Villa link and check out the entire section. The photography speaks for itself.

Saturday is the arrival / departure day, so typically no water skiing. Have a Margarita, sit at the bar, the pool or hot tub and meet the other guests. By the end of the week they will be your friends. Ski Paradise is a world class destination, so it is quite likely you will meet people from around the world.

Dinner is served at 7:00pm. Everything is homemade and will be some of the best Mexican Cuisine you have ever had, all the way to dessert.

Water skiing starts on Sunday. You're up at 6:00am to get ready. Two shifts of skiers everyday make the trek to the ski site in the infamous suburbans, about a 20 minute ride. Welcome to the Ski Paradise palapa and lagoon ! At sea level, basically right across the highway from the ocean, glass awaits. Boats, drivers, coaches and the available massage are all there. Get ready to ski !

As I mentioned earlier, most skiers are coming from colder climates, which means this is probably the first ski of the season. Try to have your body ready. The frequency and intensity of the skiing here is generally far more than what you get at home. I live on a river and ski probably five out of seven days a week. I still ski more in one day at Ski Paradise than I do in three days at home. Ease your way into it, because come Tuesday, you're going to know you've been water skiing everyday.

The Ski Paradise coaches try to make sure everybody gets in all the skiing / coaching they want, typically two to three sets per day, depending on how many skiers there are. Then it's a wrap around 3:00pm or so, in order to get back to the Villa, so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. As a water skier, regardless of skill level, life does not get any better than this. And by the end of the week, you will be a much better skier than when you arrived.

I was very fortunate to have a second trip to Ski Paradise in March of 2016. This second visit was even better than the first, as you are some what familiar with the schedule for the week. I have now been to Ski Paradise five years in a row and I hope I am fortunate enough to come back every year.
- Al Sikora, Waterford Design