Water Ski Guests' Comments

Our Guests' Comments

Gordon and Gabriela, Thank you for opening your home to water skiers all over the world. It is great to meet lifelong friends every time we are down.

Doug and Kristin Meeker, Farmer City, IL

What our water ski family has been saying.

Just wanted to follow up your newsletter with a comment on Kris and Jenn LaPoint. I only had Kris as a coach, but I must say that he was the best coach I have ever had. Not only were his tips awesome on the water, but the adjustments, and there were a lot, that he made to my ski were the best part. I have never had anyone take the time that he did to make these adjustments to my ski, which were awesome. Not only did he make the adjustments, he explained why he made them and what he expected the outcome to be. I would highly recommend Kris to anyone. As far as Jenn goes, she never coached me but from what I heard from the other guests, they loved her.
Stephen Pillipow, Saskatoon, Canada - February 2020

Dear Gordon and Gabriela,
I can not thank you enough for the outstanding time Dec 7 thru 14. You run a class A++ ski school. The facilities, amenities, and flexibility in scheduling are to be commendable.

As a Scuba Diver, I have been to many resorts, liveaboards, and you rate in the top for the level of service and being so accommodative. The staff are top notch providing exceptional, outstanding service. The presentation of the food, the quality and selection was delicious and pleasing to the pallet.

I also enjoyed spending time with you at dinner, a very special treat. Thank you again for a wonderful week of having fun on the water as well as on land. I definitely will refer you to other aspiring skiers and look forward to visiting with you again. Sincerely,
Jody Korman, Richmond, VA - December 2019

Hi Gloria,
I wanted to share a few brief thoughts on my experience at Gordon Rathbun’s Ski Paradise Acapulco, as I settle back in to my cold reality here in Massachusetts! As you know, I was the only one of the first group to kick off the 2019-2020 season who had not been to Ski Paradise before, which in and of itself speaks volumes. I also had only ever waterskied twice in my life, on two skis. While the other skiers were all amazing, world class slalom skiers, they could not have been more supportive of me or more excited for the tiny successes I had each day at the lake. My coach believed in me, even when I didn’t. By the end of the week, I was able to successfully ski on ONE ski, putting a huge smile on my face. I am hooked! (Oh, and I also took my first surfing lesson ever!)

I travelled as a single woman to Ski Paradise, and many at home questioned my decision to travel alone. Not only did I never feel lonely for a single moment, I was surrounded by like-minded, kind, fun-loving people, many of whom are now lifelong friends.

This vacation is a once in a lifetime experience. The service is top notch and the villa is even more beautiful than any photo can capture. Thank you and everyone at Ski Paradise for such a memorable week. I have already booked my next trip for 2020.
Selena Machia, Massachusetts - November 2019

Ski Paradise is truly my favorite vacation of the year. I have lost count of how many visits I have made there but am guessing it is 21! I always say the hardest decision that you make each morning is "What swimsuit do I wear today?" The beautiful accommodations, delicious food, and very helpful staff make it easy to feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. The ski site is amazing and the boat drivers are exceptional and are like family. The friendships made with the other guests and coaches is such an added heartwarming benefit. Gordon and Gabriella have created a wonderful skier's paradise and I cannot thank them enough!
Lu Anne Owens Kau - February 2019

It was an honor and privilege to attend the last week (April 27 to May 4 - 2019) at Villa Aquina with a group of individuals so passionate about this great sport. The friendships made that week will stand forever... the grace and elegance of Gabriela with the laid back charm of Gordon - always a gentle touch or a quick glance between them brings calm and relaxation to all attending - whether it was around the wonderful dinner table for the meals (10/10) by the way, or the evening wind-down - they have found a way to make dreams come true. To the entire staff at Ski Paradise Acapulco - Thank you so much :)
Canada Mike, Mike Bradfield

"Wow! The coaching, staff, villa, and food was way beyond what I ever imagined. 6 Star! Thank you for making us feel at home in your home. As a beginner, I am amazed at all the progress we made in a week. Thanks Gordon! After a week here who couldn't be a lover of this sport. Can't wait to bring the whole family next time."
Curtis Kramchynski, Calgary, Canada

"Ski Paradise. The name is a perfect description. The villa and hospitality truly is 5 star. The lagoon is awesome. Its the world class slalom teaching week for anyone with an interest in having fun and advancing their skills. The coaching is inspiring for any skill level. Thank you to all the staff especially Gordon and Gabriela."
Vince Sharp, New Zealand

"Often in life one comes into a situation where they have high expectations and they are not met. Not the case at Ski Paradise. You delivered on everything and more. Kyler and I are grateful for your hospitality, incredible accommodation and the best food we have had in a long time. Gordon's coaching was excellent, and we will try to follow up your lessons with more "PB's" in the near future. Thank you so much and hopefully we will see you both again soon. If you're ever in Calgary????"
Kyler and Derek Boechx, Calgary, AB, Canada

"As a person who had never skied slalom previously I really didn't know what to expect. The coaching and enthusiasm allowed me to progress way beyond my expectations. The accommodations, food and staff were all first class. Thanks to Gordon and Gabriela for a week to remember."
Craig Halford, Calgary, AB, Canada

"My family and I just left Ski Paradise. Our friends (3 different couples) had been and referred us. I was the mom who had planned the trip with the family but was the non skier. I worried that I wouldn’t have anything to do. Well, I did everything that was mentioned and more! I went to the lake every morning and typically took photos of my family skiing, but in the afternoon I would go to the country club which was amazing, quiet and all of the employees were very attentive. Just what a mom needed. I had many other adventures that were incredible. I went shopping on their “Black Friday” at the mall it was really nice. The group went to watch the cliff divers one night, and I watched my family take surfing lessons one afternoon. One of the highlights of the trip was walking across the street from the lake, to release newly hatched sea turtles into the ocean! It was breathtaking to watch and I highly recommend it considering that only about 20% of the eggs that are laid and after they hatch that the turtles even make it into the ocean. We went out to dinner down town at night, and some of the thrill seekers in the group even went bungee jumping that evening, They also taught my daughter what a Chinese fire drill was. The most memorable event was our impulse decision to go see a Ricky Martin concert! It was fabulous, the venue was beautiful, nothing like a concert in the states. A definite night to remember. While I was out on the adventures I couldn’t help but notice how SAFE I felt I was definitely with the locals on a lot on my excursions. Thanksgiving was an excellent meal with all of the trimmings. I didn’t miss anything, except the cooking, or cleaning. The villa was soon decorated for the holidays. Ski Paradise also made my 12 year old daughter feel like a part of the group. I could see her self confidence shine all week with her new “brothers”. She would ski all day and couldn’t wait to get to the Villa with the staff, it was her “most favorite vacation ever”. The coaches, Gordon, and Gabriella went out of their way to make her feel included. What else could a mom really ask for? Oh, and for a few dollars the maids did our laundry! Now it’s back to reality, but I wanted to thank Gordon, Gabriella, Tevan, Jim, and all of the staff at Ski Paradise for a wonderful non skiers vacation."
Melinda Alexander

"What an awesome week! Not only did we have great food, company and weather, but Lorraine learned to ski on one! Even waved at a few buoys going by. The hospitality and luxury were fantastic. We can't wait to bring our two boys."
Mike and Lorraine, Chicago, IL

"Thank you Gordon and Gabriela. One more week with a great group of people, awesome food, unbelievable ski conditions and of course the beautiful villa!! See you again very soon."
Randy and Wendi, Vancouver, BC

"What a fantastic week! This was our second trip to Ski Paradise and it was just as amazing as the first. We love the food, the friendships, the drinks in the hot tub and the ping pong games!!! The coaches were outstanding and all of us made tremendous advancements in our water skiing abilities. We can't wait to go to Spain in 2014. Many thanks."
Tera and David Gainey, Kelowna, BC. Canada

"What a wonderful time! We love loved it! Great food, great friends and great coaching. Gordon and Gabriela, we can't thank you enough for being such fantastic hosts and creating environment for us to ski, relax and build new relationships. We can't wait to come back or see you in Spain next year. All the best."
Garry and Carolyn Tanner, Houston, TX

"Gordon and Gabriela, Yet another fabulous week here in your paradise! 3rd year in a line up of so many more! I love being here every year----so much to learn and so much to enjoy. Thank you for all that you do for us, your guests and for our sport. See you coon."
Eve and Ken Ferrante, Discovery Bay, CA

"Gordon and Gabriela, Thank you so much for the fantastic week! As the 'newbies' in the crowd it was even more than we expected. The villa is fabulous, the foot spectacular and the staff is phenomenal. We really felt like family instead of guests. Thank you for sharing your home with us."
Mike and Cathy Martens, Sacramento, CA

"End of another amazing couple of weeks here. Sad to go, but know we'll be back! Thank you for everything---the perfect holiday."
Terri and Ian MacDonald, BC Canada

"13 years later we made our return. Ski Paradise is even better than we remember. We turned 'kids week' into the 'Jemiolo Kids Week'. Andrea first time slalom ran the course at age 11. Michael first time slalom made deep water starts with the regular rope. Seth is a champion! Great people: great times!!"
Mike and Candace, Andrea and Michael Jemiolo

"My wife surprised me when she suggested that if my ski buddies would get their wives to go next season, she would go also. Sue could tell what a great time I had at your place. Please say hello to Seth and Bob for me (coaches). I was thinking about them today. While I was working on a patient this morning I just started laughing thinking about the funny times we had together. In addition to Gabriela being beautiful, she is a very classy lady. You are a lucky man to have her as your life partner. Take care."
Ted, IL

"You can’t do better than the best, and that's Gordon and Gabriela's Ski Paradise. I've been coming for 10 years now and should have come a lot earlier, but I’ll make up for it in the next few years."
Andy Mapple, 6 time World Slalom Champion

"Ski Paradise is the best place to ski in the world from November to May."
Water Ski Magazine

"Thanks for another wonderful week at Ski Paradise! Fabulous coaching, great food, awesome guests! Lots of fun! Personal bests aren’t so bad either! I love it here. Looking forward to visit #7 next year."
Alison Webb, Seattle, Washington

"Wow, what a great week! I am exhausted. My arms and legs are tired from water skiing, abs from laughing, and I ate too much of your great food! Your coaches helped me blow my previous P.B. out of the water. I feel like a slalom skier now. We made lots of new friends, and I hope to see them all again. It was a great group. We are sad to leave, but look forward to next year."
Randy and Wendi Warm, Whistler, BC Canada

"The absolute best in an all inclusive water ski vacation. The coaches, the villa and the water ski site are all 5 star! Make sure this all inclusive resort is on your bucket list."
Al Sikora, Waterford, WI