New Water Ski Gloves

New Water Ski Gloves

the new Acapulco Blue

from Gordon Rathbun
Radar and Acapulco Blue Water Ski Gloves

The Acapulco Blue

After 40 years of skiing and competing, I know how important it is to have a great grip. When slalom skiers take a 600 lb. force from the boat, they need a great glove that will not allow that handle to start slipping away. I like some of the gloves on the market today, like the Pro Gear, the Miami Nautique International gloves and the Radar's mentioned below. However, I came to the conclusion I could do even better and decided to develop the Acapulco Blue Water Ski Gloves.

I chose Amara as the material because it’s been my favorite over the years. It was also the favorite material that Slalom Legend Andy Mapple used his entire career. Kevlar lasts longer, in fact you might be able to get a pair to last one busy season. Amara does not last as long but it grips better.

So after a little over 15 months of development, my long awaited ski gloves are finally ready to ship. I am very happy with the grip when the Amara material and the wet rubber of the handle come into contact. They are pretty amazing! The gloves run a little small though, meaning that an XL should really be labeled size Large, so please take that into account when ordering.

Available sizes: XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL and XXLF (long fingers). The Acapulco Blue gloves run a little small. So, if you would normally where a small, order a medium, etc. The gloves retail for only $59.95, and should easily last longer than other Amara gloves on the market. Shipping and handling is $8.95.

"Your gloves continue to impress me. They continue to out last the competition." Todd Ristorcelli, 18 year Water Ski Magazine Editor, Big Dawg Tour Champion.

Watch a promotional video with Todd Ristorcelli putting the Acapulco Blue ski gloves to the test!

"Your gloves are amazing. I love them. If you have any spares, I'd love to keep using them. Check out the video below." Thomas Degasperi, Two Time World Slalom Champion.

The Radar Vapor Boa A & K

While I was working on a developing my new gloves, I have been using an excellent glove from Radar and have decided to carry those gloves while I was waiting for mine to be finished. They are the Radar Vapor Boa A (inside out Amara) and Radar Vapor Boa K (inside out Kevlar). They have a nice grip and plenty of cushion to protect the hands. I have always been a skier who likes thin gloves, however these Radar's are especially great for practice as they are easy on the hands.

The Boa (as in Boa Constrictor snake) closure system on the back of the hand is the best system of this type on the market. As your gloves get older and stretch a bit, the skier just needs to turn the dial another click or so and the gloves tighten up. The Boa closure system adds a bit more cost, but I'm of the opinion that skiers will pay extra for quality. Some people say the Amara grips a bit better but that the Kevlar lasts longer.

Available sizes: The Amara come in XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL. The Kevlar come in S, M, L and XL. We are offering the Radar Vapor Boa glove in Amara for $11.00 less than most everyone else ($78.99) and the Boa Kevlar also for less ($83.99). Shipping in the U.S. is $4.50 additional, making the Amara $83.49 and the Kevlar for $88.49.

Both offerings make for a great pair of water ski gloves!

Please inquire on purchasing the gloves from my brother, Dave Rathbun at: We accept checks or PayPal.

Send checks made out to:
Dave Rathbun
1441 Dogwood Drive
Sarasota, FL 34232

Thank you,
Gordon Rathbun
- Six Time National Slalom Champion
- 2008 Senior Mens 3 World Champion


Acapulco Blue Ski Gloves
Radar Vapor Boa A (Amara)
Radar Vapor Boa K (Kevlar)