Ski Coach Profiles

Ski Coach Profiles

As a beginner, I am amazed at all the progress we made in a week. Thanks Gordon and Tevin!

Curtis Kramchynski, Calgary, Canada
  • Arturo Nelson
  • Bob Hardeman
  • Chris Parrish
  • Fred Halt
  • Greg Badal
  • Jim Hammer
  • Kris LaPoint
  • Jennifer Leachman LaPoint
  • Mike Suyderhoud
  • Paul Chapin
  • Seth Stisher
  • Thomas TGas Degasperi
  • Todd Ristorcelli
  • Will Bush
  • Elaine Bush
  • Will and Elaine Bush
  • Gordon Rathbun
  • The Workout

Arturo Nelson

Arturo is from Miami Florida. Arturo was on the Mexican team for decades and actually introduced Gabriela to Gordon. They were married in 1997.

Bob Hardeman

Bob is from California and is a tournament certified boat driver. He is also an amazing slalom skier and coach. Bob just won the Mens 7 Regionals back in July.

Chris Parrish

Chris is the former World Record Holder from Orlando Florida and has won a ton of professional tournaments. Chris was the #1 ranked slalom skier in the world in 2015. Read more...

Doug Meeker

Doug Meeker is a MasterCraft boat dealer in Illinois and was a guest at Ski Paradise until he qualified for the Open Division in slalom skiing and became an excellent coach.

Fred Halt

Hailing from Switzerland and now living just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, Fred is a +35 World Champion and Nautique Big Dawg champion slalom skier who runs his own career coaching company. Read more...

Greg Badal

Greg is from Brentwood, California and is a Big Dawg Champion and a Men's Masters Slalom Champion. Greg just won the Big Dawg tournament at BroHo lake in Washington. Greg beat former World Champion and record holder Jeff Rodgers in the finals!

Jim Hammer

Jim is from Winlock, Washington. Jim owns a Farmers Insurance agency and is one of the top 10 investment reps in the nation for Farmers Financial Solutions. Jim is a Western Region skier from the early 80's and a former Top 10 Nautique dealer for 20 years. Read more...

Kris & Jennifer LaPoint

Kris LaPoint is the other half of the famous brothers slalom duo who once were featured in Sports Illustrated. Kris has held the world slalom record 5 times. Jennifer Leachman LaPoint was a world slalom record holder and is still killing it in the course. She recently won the women's 4 slalom division and the Senior World Championships. Read more on Jennifer LaPoint... Read more on Kris LaPoint...

Mike Suyderhoud

It’s an honor to host guest coaches in Acapulco like hall of a famer Mike Suyderhoud. The former world jump record holder and five-time world champion was a dominant figure in the water ski world in the late 60s and 70s, and anytime you can spend a week with a person that has immersed themselves in a sport for more than 50 years, there’s plenty to learn. Read more...

Paul Chapin

Paul is the president of the American Water Ski Education Foundation and the Hall of Fame Committee. Paul has won numerous state, regional and national championships and has competed in almost 50 Nationals dating back to 1963. He also has been a show skier with Tommy Bartlett and has competed in pro slalom and jump events during his skiing career. Read more...

Seth Stisher

Seth Stisher runs his own ski school in Charleston South Carolina. Seth is an Open Division skier and one of the top slalom coaches in the world. He practices what he preaches with his own slalom technique. Read more...

Thomas 'TGas' Degasperi

Thomas is an accomplished pro skier who has won many European and US titles. He intervals his training between his hometown in Northern Italy and Orlando, Florida. Read more...

Todd Ristorcelli

Todd is the former editor of WATERSKI magazine, for nearly 20 years, a top Big Dawg skier and has won a pro event in his career. Read more...

Will & Elaine Bush

Will and Elaine are from Sacramento California. They fill each week because of there friendliness and hospitality. Will is a top driver and former Chairman of the Board at USA Water Ski. Elaine is a top driver and judge.