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Ski Paradise is the best place to ski in the world from November to May.

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  • Welcome to the palapa and lagoon at the Ski Paradise Water Ski Resort
  • The palapa at Ski Paradise
  • The lagoon and pier at Ski Paradise
  • Guest skier and coach working on it in front of the palapa
  • Boat driver Cony and dont forget to tape your hands!
  • Gordon coaching the kids
  • Amazing water ski coaching
  • Water ski coaching at its finest
  • Karen Demut skiing the slalom course at the ski site
  • An early morning run at the ski site
  • Another morning ski run at Coconut Lagoon

The Proper Waterski Coasting Position

Watch six-time national slalom champion and Ski Paradise owner Gordon Rathbun demonstrate the proper coasting position, and explain why it will benefit your water skiing!

Get the Best Start in the Slalom Course

Want to water ski with more efficiency and power in the slalom course? Don't be lazy! Listen to what Ski Paradise guest coach Mike Kuziak has to say about getting the perfect start and finishing strong!