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Ski Paradise is the best place to ski in the world from November to May.

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  • Welcome to the palapa and lagoon at the Ski Paradise Water Ski Resort
  • The palapa at Ski Paradise
  • The palapa inside at Ski Paradise
  • The lagoon at Ski Paradise
  • The lagoon and pier at Ski Paradise
  • Lagoon proximity relative to the ocean
  • The Ski Nautiques parked at the palapa
  • Guest skier and coach working on it in front of the palapa
  • Boat driver Cony and dont forget to tape your hands!
  • Gordon coaching the kids
  • Amazing water ski coaching
  • Water ski coaching at its finest
  • Gordon ripping it up...
  • Waterskiing the slalom course at the lagoon
  • Karen Demut skiing the slalom course at the ski site
  • An early morning run at the ski site
  • Another morning ski run at Coconut Lagoon
  • While youre taking a break from skiing walk the slack line or get in some basketball
  • Play some ping pong or get a massage

World class instruction for every level.

Our line-up of professional water ski coaches will provide you with valuable instruction on and off the water. At the lagoon, you will receive one-on-one personal instruction.

The coaches will guide you through a process of theory and practical application for top performance skiing. We have Mastercraft and Ski Nautique competition ski boats and two slalom courses, which allow our skiers repetitive performance for rapid improvement.

While most new skiers arrive with a normal fear of skiing with elite skiers, their fears are put to rest in the first hours, when everyone comes together and realizes that they all share a common bond, the love of water skiing.

As you relax between ski sessions, you can take in a massage under the palapa, play a game of basketball or ping pong, walk the slack line and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Visit Ski Paradise - your World Class Water Ski Resort!

Slalom water ski deepwater starts

Ski Paradise offers the best waterski vacation escape in the world, and if you're not an experienced skier, no worries. We love working with beginners!